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Word lists
Using high-quality tools for tokenizing, analyzing, and disambiguating the language, we can produce many kinds of word lists, including the following:

Lists of words as they appear in text, arranged in various formats Lists of words in base form, arranged in various formats  Lists of words as they appear in text, enriched with grammatical information according to the needs of the customer, such as The amount of information included in these lists can be adjusted according to the needs of the customer.
User-defined vocabularies
For language learners we can produce vocabularies with English translation according to the level of the customer. Suppose you are a third year student who already masters 2,000 most common words and you need to read a Swahili novel. You need a list of only those words that you do not know yet. Our system allows the compilation of the vocabulary according to your needs. Yet the list is in alphabetical order according to the base form of the word.
Raw translation
We can also provide a raw translation of your text, so that each word in text is provided with relevant grammatical information, including translation in English.